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Match Night news:

Covid 19 - return of your league

Match Night Netball Leagues are back!

Match Night League Netball is coming back (email sent 20 August)

This page is your permanent resource for all the important information you need to know about the return of your league.

The restart guidance document is a great overview of everything you need to know about how netball will be retutning and recommended that all players read.

Restart Guidance Document


All players should read the personal risk assessment.  Netball has been given the green light to return and it will do safely.  It is though important every player considers their personal circumstances when making their decision to return at this stage and no pressure should be placed on any player.

Personal Risk Assessment

Covid 19 Symptom Checker


Information and on how netball will return, which is recommend that all players read/watch before the league restarts.  There is some great information and tips in these videos.  If you are looking for some more clarity on what the modifications mean in practice the explainer video, umpiring and coaching forums are strongly recommended. 

England Netball/Government Safety Measures, Modified Rules and Understanding Risk

England Netball Modified Rules Explainer Video Meeting

England Netball Umpiring Forum

England Netball Coaching Forum


Want to know the reasons why netball has had to be slightly modified and understand the reasons behind it, this video will explain all.

England Netball Meeting 31st July


Sheffield Netball League Specific Information

Sheffield return to your league pack

SY Tri (Wednesday Night) Fixture Pack 

Tuesday Night Fixture Pack

Thursday Night Fixture Pack

Sheffield Netball League FAQs

High School Venue Plan

Westfield Venue Plan

Wickersley Venue Plan

Nottingham League Specific Information

Nottingham return to your league pack

Nottingham Fixture Pack

Nottingham Netball League FAQs

NUSA Venue Plan

Birmingham League Specific Information

Birmingham return to your league pack

Birmingham Fixture Pack

Birmingham Netball League FAQs

Laurel Road Venue Plan



The countdown to netball reuniting on court is on!




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