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What The Players Say

We think netball is the greatest game in the World and believe our netball leagues offer a superb way for netballers of all abilities to play and enjoy the sport they love.

However, don't take our word for it, check out what the netballers already playing in the leagues have to say. Plus if you are thinking about joining one of our leagues or have not played netball for some time and are understandably a little nervous. The inspiring words and experiences below will hopefully help you take that step back to netball or join a league and make netball a fantastic part of your life!

What The Players Say 

"Being part of a Match Night netball league has been rewarding and fun! We started as a group of random women and have become a strong, successful team regularly playing in competitive games that are well organised and within a friendly atmosphere. There is no pressure and minimal organisation required by the team itself as fixtures are set in advance with regular updates on changes and scores - the promptly updated league table is excellent. All the team thoroughly enjoy being part of the league and it has become a Wednesday night activity set stone! Highly recommended to anyone wanting to get into a sport or meet friendly faces." Lucy, Mish Mash

"I always enjoyed playing netball at school and after an absence of 10 years decided to get back into netball so I started training with a club about 8 years ago. We established a new team within the club and wanted to join a league where everything was provided for us so the Match Night Netball league was a good find. Playing in a league gives you motivation and increases your confidence, you may not always win but if the match is played in the spirit of the game then it’s a brilliant sport to participate in! I love Netball, there’s no better sport in my opinion!" Emma, Dome Diamonds

"If anyone is thinking about joining the netball league in the words of the Nike adverts just do it. I am writing this from an older players perspective but age really does not come into it. What does is making friends, playing as a team, having great fun and not to mention keeping fit. Dave and his fabulous team of umpires do everything they can to make sure playing the game is fluid and well supported. So don't take my word for it sign up and I m sure you ll be hooked. Happy netballing girls/ladies." Christine, Squirell Netkins

"I first went to a netball training session with the intention of going to a few practice sessions for a bit of exercise, and under no circumstances did I want to play a competitive match….5 years later, I captain a team and play at every possible opportunity!

I have met so many new friends, and look forward to every match with as much enthusiasm as when I first started. Whilst my efforts at Zumba, Insanity, the gym etc, have all disappeared, my love of netball has endured them all!

It can be as fun and carefree as you want it to be, meaning it doesn’t feel like exercise, whilst still being the best workout ever!" Linda, Hallam Hustlers

"Netball has changed my life! Its given me a group of friends, kept me fit and gave me an opportunity for a bit of escapism three times a week and for that I'll be eternally grateful.” Kate, Rainbow

"Dont worry about playing, worry about not playing. Its a great game played by like minded people who just want to play netball, have fun and keep fit. The league enables a variety of skilled teams/players to complete and you can learn a lot from each game to take into the next match" Kay, Red Wings

“I have been playing in the netball league for 3 years now. I was a little reluctant at first as I'd just had a little girl and didn't think I'd be fit or good enough, but it was a great decision! It is a brilliant opportunity to keep active, develop your skills and socialise with others. Our team includes a variety of ladies ranging from 18-60 and we all love it!” Laura, Westbourne

"I joined my local netball club 3 years ago after an 18 year 'break' and as cliche as it sounds it really did change my life. I have a great bunch of girl friends, I'm the fittest I've ever been and I feel really proud of myself for sticking with it and learning new skills. I've been the captain of my own team for nearly a year now and we play in the match night league on a Wednesday night. I think it's brilliant that the league exists to give women the opportunity to play competitively Kirsty, Maltby Wasps

"I stopped playing netball when I left school at 16. At 26 I heard about a league in Sheffield and answered an add placed by a captain at the time. Although a little apprehensive about not playing for 10 years and meeting new people I shouldn't have worried. Everyone is really friendly, I've made a lot of new friends that I wouldn't have met otherwise and we often now socialise together. And the leagues have various players of all different skill levels so I was never made to feel inferior to other players. I wouldn't be without netball now." Laura, North Stars

"I got back into netball in my early 30s after several years out due to injury. Four years on, I now play for 6 teams 4 days a week! Not only do I get to keep fit playing a great sport, but I've also met a group of great friends who are incredibly supportive and help me improve my game and who make it a laugh at the same time". Julie, Rainbow

" I attended a 'back to netball' session just after having my second child in a bid to get out of the house a bit more and to improve my fitness levels...eight years on, I now play twice a week for two teams and absolutely love it! I have made so many really good friends through netball, it's great to be involved in such a friendly and sociable team sport" Sally, CBA

"My memories of netball used to be sitting in English on a Thursday willing the time to pass so I could get out on court with my team mates and best friends. So when an email came into my work inbox on a late Thursday shift asking if I wanted to join the works netball team I knew it was fate.

Blundells Belles was formed of women aged 19-45 (ish) who hadn't played netball since school, or at all. We went for a very basic training session where we remembered how to catch and pass and KEEP OUR FEET ON THE GROUND before embarking on our first match. Despite our heroic efforts on remembering those three quite essential parts of the game, we lost 54-1 (which remains the worst loss ever at Match Night netball- so really we are all winners!) Never has one goal been celebrated so much, and we all came off buzzing to play again.

Despite the slight set back we managed to bag a couple of wins, a couple of bruises and a couple more goals throughout the season. The "netball bug" had contacted us! PENALTY!

Three and a half years in, we now play in the second division (out of 7) after winning the third last season. We all play netball more than once a week with some of us spending most evenings and Sunday mornings (OUCH) on court with our new friends and team mates.

Returning to netball was the best thing I have ever done. I have more friends, more energy and SO many more bruises.

So don't hold on to the thought of getting into netball and give the others a free pass to beat you. Contact your nearest back to netball organiser or join the Match Night League and get involved in the game that's taking the nation by storm!" Alex, Blundells Belles



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