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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The match fee per game per team is between £39.00 to £40.00, depending on which league you are entering. There is also a £15.00 one off season registration fee. 

What do the match fees cover?

The match fees and registration fees cover everything – umpires, court hire, match balls, bibs, trophies, league co-ordinators....etc. There are no hidden costs.  As a team you only commit to one season at a time.

How do I know if there’s a league near me I’m interested in?

Use our league finder (top right hand corner of the website) to search for a Match Night league that suits you.

Who Can Enter?

Our leagues are open to anyone so long as you're over 16 years old.  Team captains need to be over 18 years old.

When are the leagues held?

Your league games will always be played on the same night of the week.  Typically there are four game times per night.  6.30pm, 7.20pm, 8.10pm and 9.00pm.  You can select your teams preferred game times on the application form and we try to accommodate your preferences as much as possible.

When is the next season?

Because of our mini season format, we have new seasons starting all the time. We also have new leagues being launched throughout the year – so you shouldn’t have to wait too long before you can start playing.  If you use the league finder to search for the league you are interested in joining and you will find the latest new season start dates on the leagues page. 

How do I join?

You can join online, or by e-mail and telephone. Click here for more information

Tel: 07810058894

email: david@match-night.co.uk

Can Individuals Join The League?

Yes, we have a number of options to help individuals join the league.   The main one is becoming a pool player.  A pool player is an individual who is not registered for any league team, but can help teams out if they are short of players one week.  Please contact us for full details on all the options available for individuals and how to get involved in the league.

What is the League Format?

Leagues will be made up of between 6 to 8 teams – with each team playing each other twice – over a 10 to 14 week season.  Where there is more than one division we operate a two up two down promotion and relegation format.

What are the leagues rules?

To view a copy of our netball rules please click here.  These rules may vary depending on what league you play in but all teams will be sent a copy of the rules in their application pack.

How long are the matches?

40 minutes (4 x 10 minute periods)

What if our team isn't Division One standard?

Our leagues are split into different divisions so they will cater for all abilities.  When applying for a league, you will be asked for the ability level of your team so we can try to match you to the right division.  Promotion and relegation at the end of each mini season will also ensure your team will quickly rise or fall to the right level.  

What is there to play for?

Trophies are awarded to the each divisional winners and runners up.  There will also be player of the season awards for each division and player of the match nominations for every game. In addition, they’ll be relegation and promotion battles each season. We also run special cup and one day tournaments.

What happens if the opposition doesn't turn up?

In the unlikely event that the opposition doesn't turn up, your team will be awared the points for the game.  You will not be charged your match fee and you can also use the court for the allotted match time for a friendly or training.  

What should we wear?

Some of our teams choose to wear full kits, but that’s not essential.  You can wear whatever you feel comfortbale in.  Netball bibs will be provided by the league on match nights.

How do we pay our match fees?

We are happy to offer you the flexibility to pay your match fees in whichever way suit you team.

This includes options such as paying your matches fees up front at the start of the season, on a monthly or weekly basis.  Match fees are paid via online banking payment.  We are sorry to say we cannot accept cash payments.

Do We Have To Provide Our Own Umpire?

No, unlike many leagues all umpires will be organised by the league.

Do We Have To Be Affiliated to England Netball To Play In The League?



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