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Nottingham Outdoor Netball League - New Season!

21 Mar 2021

The new season of our new Nottingham Outdoor Netball League is starting soon!

Netball in Nottingham is back...


A fun, social, exciting, and competitive netball league. A brand-new format designed to suit your team and help ensure a safe return to netball.  

New season starts 6th September 2021 

Registration fee free for all teams in the first season back

League night: Every Monday night and all year round

Venue: Nottingham University Samworth Academy (NUSA)

8 Bramhall Road, Bilborough, Nottingham NG8 4HY 

What to expect:

▪ six superb high quality floodlit outdoor court

▪ six team divisions

▪ your team will play at NUSA every week, helping all teams become familiar with the set up

▪ league coordinator at the venue every week to support teams and umpires

▪ covid secure league, full compliance of EN and government measures

▪ the league will run back to back seasons…we have had enough time without netball in our lives!

▪ hassle free, let Match Night take care of everything, including organising your super umpires  

Exciting six team divisions:

▪ ensuring multiple divisions, so every team is at a level that suits them

▪ Shorter 10-week seasons, so less of a commitment for teams and players

▪ Three games per court allowing bigger gaps between matches

▪ No more mid table obscurity, every game will matter right to the final whistle of the final game

▪No 9.00pm games! Game times 6.15, 7.15 and 8.10  

How to enter your team:

Step 1 – new to Match Night? email, text or call us for an application pack

current Match Night team?  just email or text confirmation to us you want to enter the new season

Step 2 – wait for your fixture pack to arrive and start getting excited netball is back!

The time to reunite on court is here!

New times…. new challenge!

 e: david@match-night.co.uk   m: 07810058894


Netball in Nottingham is back...


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