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Match Night news:

Match Night Netball Leagues - Update Email (23 Sept)

23 Sep 2020

Hope you are all good and enjoying the netball rollercoasting we seem to be on at the moment!

To confirm the announcement from the government yesterday means netball leagues are no longer allowed to be played indoors.  This is likely to be the rule for at least the next six months, however, I think we should expect it to be in place for longer.


They can take our sports halls…but not our sport!  Netball leagues are allowed to be played outdoors.  It means I am pleased to announce the league will now be moved to outdoor courts and the new season will still be starting very soon.   Preparation for moving the league outdoors and discussions with venues started over the summer, those plans have been revisited today.  

We are so much further down the road and so close to netball returning than we were a couple months ago.   We now know how netball will return and it is just a simple case of switching to outdoor venues.  The information that has been sent out to you over recent weeks, including the ‘return to your league’ pack/email is all still correct and nothing will change on that front.  The amazing work and organisation you have done as teams to return has not been wasted.

In netball terms, it is not so much a step back, more just a little knock, we re adjust our footing and attack again.

We will return to indoor courts and our normal venues as soon as we are allowed.   For now this is the only way to play netball for the foreseeable future.

Everything we love about netball and the league, plus all the benefits it adds to our lives have still not changed.  If anything, once again, they have only been made more important….with the added bonus of some fresh air!


The next step will be for me to confirm with you the venues and new start date.  This will be quite a quick process.  Once that is in place, I will ask all teams again if they wish to enter the new season.  However, if you already know you still want to enter the new season please do let me know, as this will help with the planning.

If your players or you do of any good quality outdoor courts do please let me know, as I may not be aware of all of them.  Your netball knowledge and feedback as always will be of huge value.

Thank you again for all your support.   Netball will return!



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