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Match Night Netball Leagues - Covid 19 Update Email

28 May 2020

Dear Team - a message just as a quick hello really and little update on the league. I really hope all the team and you are keeping well and coping as best you can during this difficult time, this also extends to your friends and family.

It has now been two months since the netball leagues had to be put on hold.  Even though we are all aware there are more important things at the moment, I am sure you are missing netball terribly and I am certainly missing you and the leagues.  I am also sure you are itching to be back on court with your team mates and playing the game we love and miss so much.  It is very difficult to predict when that will be at the moment and at this stage we can only hope that it will be soon, as a return to netball will also signify that everything is getting much better.

I will keep you all updated. 

I will also ensure I offer support to all teams on your return and make it as easy as possible.  I will be transparent in our return to netball plan and discuss the situation with teams.  I will also work to ensure the league is safe and everyone is reassured on that front.

I am working on plans and preparations (as much as I can) for what I would envisage will be the guidelines in place when we see an initial return to netball. It means as soon as we are given the green light Match Night Leagues will be in a position to return immediately, even if it may be in a slightly different way for a period of time. 

Match Night as a company and business is in a stable position, so no matter what the time scale is for the return of netball your league will be ready to go!

There will also hopefully be a brand new website for when we return, which is currently in development.

In this moment of pause in netball and the leagues, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you so much for your involvement and support of the league to this point and over this period.  You all play a huge part in making this a job I absolutely love doing and one which has given me so much enjoyment over the years.  I love running the leagues and this break has only highlighted this even more to me and I am sure also highlighted equally to all of us just how much we love netball and the value of team sports especially. 

I miss you all and the all the fun that is generated from netball leagues.  I can assure you the sports halls will be filled with the sounds of netball again….and also possibly the sound of aching muscles and out of breath netballers, after such a long time off from playing!

I will be posting some fun features, stats and memories from the leagues on social media from now on, as we hopefully build up to a return to the leagues.  On that note, if you have any pictures/vids of you or others playing ‘solo garden netball’ do please send them to me.  Plus if you or any of your team mates work in the NHS or are in other keyworker roles and have any pictures/vids at work, please do also send them to me.  Any pictures can be sent to me via email or to my mobile (07810058894).

Do feel free to contact me anytime…I am not too busy at the moment!

Take care and sending you best wishes with all the individual challenges you have and will face over this difficult period.  We will come out the other side and when we do ensure those nails have been cut back down!

Hopefully we will all be in utopia soon or in other words enjoying a drink in a bar after a game of netball!

David - Match Night


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