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The Birmingham Outdoor Netball League: Division One: League rules


Teams are allowed seven players on the court at any one time.    All players must be registered to your team with Match Night prior to a game commencing.  There is no limit to the number of players a team can register or play in one game.  Players can be registered and deregistered at any point throughout the season.  A player can only be registered to play for one team within the league.  To register a new player this can be done with your league coordinator at the venue or by calling, texting, or emailing Match Night direct.

We operate a player pool and play up system in the league: The play up system allows a registered league player to play for another team in the league, only if that team plays in a division higher than their own registered team (known as the ‘play up’ rule).    A player can only play up  for the same team a maximum of two times during the course of one season.  

The player pool is for individuals who are not registered to any league team.  Teams can then use these pool players if needed.   A pool player can only play for the same team a maximum of four times during one season.    All pool players will be assigned which divisions they are eligible to play in, based on their ability (pool players are informed when they register of any restrictions).  All pool players must be registered with the league and it is their responsibility to register with the league.

If you are using pool or play up players, then you can only have a maximum of seven players in your team for that game. The only exception is if one of your players is injured during your match.  If one of your players is injured during the match, they can be replaced by a pool or play up player.   The injured player will not be allowed to take any further part in the match once they have been replaced. Teams can only use a maximum of three pool players, play up players or a mixture of both in one specific game.

The pool and play up rules are in place to help teams who are struggling to field a full team and in danger of having to cancel a game, not to strengthen your team. The umpires and league reserve the right to stop a player playing for a team if we feel a team is gaining an unfair advantage or if it is not in the spirit of the rules and league.

If you are using a pool or play up player for a game, you need to inform Match Night and you must sign them in with Match Night before your game.  To sign in a pool or play up player you can either:

- use a sign in sheet on the night if there is a league coordinator at your venue.

- text Match Night on 07810058894 or email on david@match-night.co.uk  with the ‘players name’ ‘your team name’ ‘pool or play up’

Any incident that breaks the play up or player pool rules will be treated as fielding an illegal player. It is the team’s responsibility to sign in pool/play up players and register new players. 

Substitutes are allowed for injured players or at the end of each quarter.  The umpire must be notified of all substitutions made.   Players can change positions at the end of each quarter.

A team needs at least five players to start a match.  Any less than five and the team will not be allowed to start play.  This situation will be treated as a late arrival and incur the punishments applicable for late arriving teams.

All players must be aged 16 or over.  Players aged 15 can play in the league, subject to a waiver signed by a parent and assessment from the league.  All captains must be aged 18 or over. Players who are more than 12 weeks pregnant may not take part in league matches.

Nails should be kept short – and should not be able to be seen when showing your palms.  No form of glove may be worn by players during the match.  All players must wear suitable trainers.  No jewellery can be worn when playing, including earrings.  If you cannot remove jewellery, we will allow you to tape it up, if it is safe.  It is the umpires and leagues direction if we deem it to be safe.

Players must not use equipment or wear anything which could be deemed dangerous to her or to the other players.  If a player wishes to wear glasses, they can do so but must sign a waiver.


Each match is controlled by two umpires who have the full authority to enforce the rules in connection with the match to which they have been appointed.  The decision of the umpire is final on all issues during the match.

The umpire will record information on all the matches they have been officiating and report this to Match Night.  Information recorded will be:  Name of teams playing - Score of the match - Disciplinary issues or teams absent – most valuable player of the match nominations (MVP).

The Match

The duration of the match is 40 minutes, consisting of 4 x 10-minute periods.  The teams will switch sides after each quarter.  No time will be added to the match in the event of stoppages. 

The home team will have the first centre pass.  The away team will select which direction to shoot towards during the first quarter.

England Netball Rules shall apply during the match.  Match Night and the league will be following and in full compliance of England Netball and government Covid 19 safety guidelines.  We will be following the modified version of netball as outlined by England Netball.  Full details can be found on England Netball and Match Night website, they will also be sent to teams ahead of entering the league.   Please ensure all players are aware of the modified rules and safety guidelines, as it is every individuals responsibility to follow them

Disciplinary Action

All infringements and misconduct will be dealt with by the umpire and the umpire’s decision is final. 

Any misconduct from a player or team that results in the game being abandoned will result in the match being awarded as a walk over to the opposition.  Further action may also be taken against the team or player.

Serious misconduct may also result in the individual or club being excluded from the league.  In the event of serious misconduct by a player or team, the team captain will receive written notification from Match Night as to the punishment.  If a club is excluded due to misconduct, they will be liable for payment of all remaining match fees involving their team including the oppositions.

Match Night reserves the right to ban or expel any player or team from the league.  There is no opportunity to appeal.

Any team found to be playing an unregistered or illegal player will forfeit the match 15-0 or lose any points they have gained in the match.

Players are not allowed to use social media technology to bring the game into disrepute or make an inappropriate comment about a fellow player, umpire or official.  If the league feels this has happened, then it will be treated as serious misconduct.

Time Keeping and Fixtures

Teams must be at the court and ready to play at least 5 minutes before their match. There are no excuses for arriving late for a match.  If a team is late for a match no extra time allowances will be made for the match.  The team arriving late will be penalized two goals for every five minutes they are late.  If they are more than 20 minutes late, the match will be cancelled and will be awarded as a walk over result. 

 There is a 5-minute grace period.  If a team is late, yet the game starts within the first 5 minutes, the game will be played in full and there will be no penalty.  Match Night cannot offer to rearrange any matches during the season, including changing game times. The only exception to this will be due to cancellations due to bad weather.  It will be either the umpires, the leagues, or venues decision to cancel due to bad weather.

If a team cannot play a fixture, they must inform Match Night in advance.  The game will be awarded as a walk over result and the team will be charged both their match fee and the oppositions match fee.  The opposition will be refunded their match fee and offered use of the court free of charge for the allotted match time.  If a team persistently cancels games, they may also have points deducted or be removed from the league

If a team does not show up to a fixture without contacting Match Night first the game will be awarded as a walkover to the opposition and the team may have points deducted.

In the case of a game being awarded as a walk over, the score will be determined by either the last result between the two teams – be that in the current season or a previous season, or 15-0 whichever is most favourable to the opposition.  If the two teams have never played before, the game will be awarded 15-0.

Any team which does not show up for a fixture without contacting the league first, on more than two occasions in any season may be expelled from the league. The club will be liable for payment of all remaining match fees involving their team including the oppositions.

If a match must be cancelled due to a serious injury the match will be awarded as a walk over against the team who suffered the injury.  If 50% or more of the game has been played, the score and result will stand at the point it was cancelled if the team that cancelled are losing the game.  There will be no refunds of match fees.

Points System

5 points will be awarded for a win and 3 for a draw.  2 points will be awarded to a losing team if they are within 5 goals or less of the opponent’s score. 1 point will be awarded to a losing team if they score 50% or more of the opponents score.  0 points will be awarded to a losing team if they score less than 50% of the opponents score.

A two up two down promotion and relegation system is in operation for all divisions.  Teams equal on points at the end of the season will be separated by goal difference, followed by goals scored, followed by goals against, followed by aggregated results between the teams in question, followed by drawing lots to decide the final positions. 

In your first season Match Night will decide which division to enter your team.  Where possible we will try to match your team’s ability to the right division.    

A most valuable player of the season award (MVP) will be presented to the player with the most MVP of the match nominations in each division at the end of the season.  Nominations are awarded by the umpires.  Umpires can nominate as many players as they wish per game and they also do not have to nominate anyone.  A pool or play up player can be nominated for MVP of the match, however, are not eligible to win the MVP of the year. If your match is awarded as a walk over the player with the most nominations in your team will be given that matches nomination.  The team that cancelled the match will not be entitled to a nomination.


Payment for match fees and registration fees will be made in full before the season starts.  Alternatively, match fees can be paid in advance monthly or weekly before each match. All payments must be made via online banking transfer.  Full details of how to pay will be in your fixture pack.

If for any reason a team has fees outstanding, the team will not be allowed to play its fixtures and the team will be treated as if it had failed to turn up for a match without notifying Match Night .  In this situation, the team will only be allowed to resume its fixtures once the full season’s fees have been paid. Any outstanding debt owed to Match Night is the team captain’s responsibility and measures will be taken to recover it including passing the debt to a Debt Recovery Agency.

Other Important Information

Match Night reserves the right to use our discretion when implementing any of the league rules and will ensure all factors are taken into consideration to ensure fairness to teams and players.

Match Night reserves the right to alter these rules at any time during a season.  Any changes will be notified to the team captain in writing and the team captain must make their team aware of the changes.

If at the end of the season a team decides not to continue in the league, a new team will join the league in their place.  Match Night will attempt to ensure new teams start at the right level and division.  To achieve this Match Night may ask teams that have been relegated to remain in their division or promote a third placed team.  In this situation we will ask a team finishing seventh or the third placed team first and then the eighth placed team.  

As team captain, you are required to sign these rules to signify your agreement to fulfil your fixtures in accordance with these rules and to pay for all fixtures.  If your team owes fees to Match Night for whatever reason, it will be the team captain who has the legal responsibility for the debt.

If any accidents occur during play, they will be reported to the league coordinator at the venue immediately after the accident.  Where no league coordinator is present please report to the umpire.

This is a rolling contractual agreement and will cover this season and every subsequent season your team enter.  Therefore, you are only required to sign it once and it will cover all future seasons your team agree to participate in.  If there is a change of team captain, then Match Night must be informed, and the new team captain will need to sign a copy of the rules.

If any team wishes to withdraw from the league during the season, they will be liable for payment of all remaining match fees involving their team including the oppositions, unless a replacement team can be found. If a team wishes to leave a league at the end of the current season, it must give 2 weeks’ notice before the end of the current season.  The team must fulfil all its fixtures for the current season.

As team captain, you must agree that you and all your players take part in this league at your own risk and accept that Match Night will take no responsibility for injury or loss however caused.                    

I accept full responsibility on behalf of my team to fulfil and pay for all my teams’ fixtures in the league. I agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the league as set out above.  I can confirm that I am age 18 or over and all my players are over 16 years of age


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2 Caroline Chester
2 Anna Davis
1 Sarah Barber
1 Faye Barnett
1 Charlotte Belaney
1 Deborah Cawkwell
1 Jazz Down
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1 Niamh Finnegan
1 Lizzie Flowers
1 Hana Griffin